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6 Jan 2006 Moms: What were the most unpleasant (or painful ) holds your son .... wrestling your son and you managed to apply a matchbook pin hold to him
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The matchbook pin is one of the most dominant ways to win a girls' wrestling
Catz Club Catfighters and Mixed Wrestlers Breeze & Sky .... heavy hitting
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10 posts - 5 authors - Last post: 9 Oct 2009A couple of days ago I visited the London Wrestling Studio for a session with Cleo. across me in a cross-body pins and applying painful arm and shoulder joint I was 10-0 down from a variety of different holds in the first 30 followed by a matchbook pin using my superior weight and size.
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Then she pulls his feet over his head with a matchbook hold and spanks his ass. on his neck so hard that she ends up knocking him out. No pain no gain!
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CFV-105 Tina applies a body scissors and uses her hold to bite this whiner's foot. he is treated to a painful session between her thighs. SV-197 Julie subjects Stacey to a torturous looking matchbook press but then looses
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I could hear her grunt as she applied full force to both holds . I could take no more, and with difficulty because of the pain and her legs constricting my
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7 posts - 7 authors - Last post: 13 Dec 2010Pin Tummy is when you are about to start a wrestling match and you look at the guy A wrestling hold in which a female sits straddle of her male or female opponent's Smoke along with me, forget your pain mary warner mary weaver mary worner matchbox maui wauie maui wowie meg megg meggie
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What a fight - brutal, hard punching and wrestling not far from full contact UFC big falls and painful wrestling holds made this a re-match to behold. Allowed pins are only schoolgirl, smother and matchbook ... so it should be an
The attacker then sits back and presto, the matchbook submission lock is on. On top of being an extremely spectacular female wrestling hold , the matchbook
10 posts - 6 authors - Last post: 12 Sep 2008And now for some of my favorite holds in CFNF wrestling and fighting: Matchbook press: Candy is about to lose her panties and the match in Kiana a painful and humiliating wrestling lesson -- Les Femmes Fatales.
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(join and see eye gouges, chokes, gut punching, low blows). Wrestling using holds designed to hurt your opponent. More painful wrestling holds below!
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The hold has the opponent wrestler lying on their back. .... www.women- wrestling .org Nice escape from a bridging matchbook pin for the crowd appeal Screen play, the pain is truly real Back drop, eye gauge Hip toss, kick out -Chorus
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28 Jul 2010 Rite now it is starship pain the way he never lands in and any Edge vs the computer at wrestlemania 27 in a first blood match, BOOK IT!
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Also try: female wrestling painful holds | female wrestling holds | boys wrestling sleeper sydmixwrstlr%28jesse%28 doing a reverse match book pin to a